Eat More Fluff

As I gazed into the cupboard during my nighttime lunch making ritual, my eye caught the marshmallow fluff.  My sensible self said "no way - too much sugar for their lunches!" Then I though of Mom who always made us peanut butter and fluff sandwiches and I immediately grabbed the jar! Mom knew when to keep... Continue Reading →

Courage and Grace

The busyness of Andrew's Saturday sports schedule was a welcome distraction to the reality of missing the person who has been a central figure in my life for over four decades. As she had taught me, I tried to just be in the moment, enjoying the beauty of the warm sun on my face, the brilliant... Continue Reading →

Walk the Path of Love

It's hard to believe that one month has passed since my beloved mother has passed from this life into the next. My sister and I were talking tonight and shared that we still expect her to walk back through our front doors. It just doesn't make sense to us that the one who loved so deeply... Continue Reading →

Blessed are the Humble

Driving to the Cape early this morning, it was hard to keep my eyes open amidst the dark, rainy weather pelting the SUV as we hummed along RT 495.  Luckily, responsible Emma was driving, happily listening to her music thus there was no risk of veering off the road. As I closed my eyes and... Continue Reading →

Expectant Faith

We all have those times in life when things just don't go as planned. Mom had those days - big and small - and was challenged to handle them as any of us would, with faith and courage. The gospel reading from this past Sunday was about faith. Jesus spoke to his disciples saying "If... Continue Reading →

Egg Sandwiches for 3

The alarm bell rings at 5:15 am and I reluctantly climb out of bed at 5:30 am, headed for the kitchen.  My first thoughts of the day are on Mom. "Good morning" I whisper in the quiet darkness of my home. After getting the kids up, I begin making breakfast as I do every morning... Continue Reading →

Beaches and Tea

The tapping of the raindrops on the skylight reminds me of cozy afternoons spent with Mom complete with a steaming cup of tea, piece of lemon bread and candle flickering in the late autumn chill.  Memories like this are a gift - etched in my mind for a lifetime. Thinking of times spent lovingly in... Continue Reading →

Put on your Walking Shoes

Did you ever spend a moment looking at your shoes and wonder about the places they've been?  I must admit that this is something I've never thought about until my sister and I wandered into Mom's closet last Sunday.  We were looking for a sweater or something special of hers to wear to Mass with Dad.  Our... Continue Reading →

Hold Your Hand High

Sitting at dinner tonight in a quaint Italian restaurant on Cape Cod with my beloved dad and sister, it occurred to me how blessed we are as a family.  The three of us spent much time talking about the grandchildren in our family and how each them brought something special to the celebration of mom's... Continue Reading →

Heaven is for Real

On my second trip home from St. Joseph's School this evening, all I could think about was a heating pad and my comfortable, warm bed. The thirty minute commute to Andrew's school is worth it for many reasons, but a sore back and late night Back to School Night had made me less than happy... Continue Reading →

Bring the Gift of Yourself

Many of us feel inadequate in one way or another in this life.  Perhaps in our professional work, family life or within our friend groups.  My mother constantly reminded me that this type of thinking was not from God.  When I close my eyes I can still hear her say "God loves you just the... Continue Reading →

Birds of the Air

Sizzling sausages, buttery pancakes, and fresh brewed coffee - the smells of breakfast at Nona's awoke me this morning and for a very brief moment I felt that all was right in the world.  I would descend the stairs of her sunny Cape Cod home and there she'd be in the kitchen, smiling and cooking... Continue Reading →

What Would Joanie Do?

This may seem like an odd question, but I promise that it is an appropriate one. In fact, it is a question that my siblings and I have found ourselves asking often over the past 3 days as we prepare to celebrate the life of our beloved mother. At a time when stress levels are... Continue Reading →

Heaven Gained a Saint Today

I hadn't planned to write anything tonight but then I remembered her beautiful face shining in the late Cape Cod sun and the promise I made to her just a few days ago - "write about what a beautiful family we were." Watching my precious father, sister and brother walk my mother to the gates... Continue Reading →

Ladybugs and Love

Have you ever prayed for a sign from God when times got tough? On Tuesday, August 13, 2013 I was at the Cape navigating the early stages of mom's cancer diagnosis and praying for anything that would indicate God was aware of our difficult plight.  On this particular morning, mom told me that a single... Continue Reading →

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