Suffering can be a curious thing. It is something that most folks avoid at all costs for fear of what it will do to their lives. But for those of us who have experienced it, most would say that they are grateful for the gifts they’ve received from their trials. Still, many ask, “If God loves us, why do we suffer?” This is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Based upon my own experience, I believe that we need to remember one important truth: Jesus came to give our suffering meaning rather than to take it away. If we join our pain to Jesus on the cross, our sufferings can be redemptive. But one thing I know, suffering without Jesus hurts – I have learned this the hard way. Redemptive suffering is powerful – it’s actually a gift- and can change the world for the better. My mom knew this and taught all who would listen the power of redemptive suffering. The following blogs share real stories about the transformative power of suffering.