Where is God?

Saturday, November 18, 2023 – During my morning walk, I thought about this question again, “Where is God?” and my mind returned to the writing of this post when all seemed dark around me. Today, our world feels a bit lost and void of God’s Light for different reasons thus I felt a repost might be helpful for those of us grappling with the increased levels of hate and violence in our society. With eyes of faith, I am confident that we can experience an outpouring of God’s abundant grace through the simple actions of a friend or stranger, the love of a family member or through the effortless beauty of an autumn tree. When we experience His Light through the goodness of others, we are called to share it – in order to make our world a more beautiful place.

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“Where is God?” I am sure everyone reading this post has had a moment or two in life when she has asked this question. I’ve asked it myself over the years and perhaps more frequently over the past few weeks since the passing of my beloved mom. And then something happened today. I was thinking about this question while on my morning walk in the woods of my New England town and the answers came flooding into my mind like a waterfall.

Where is God?

He’s in the brilliant orange and red leaves cascading gently toward the forest floor.

He’s in the delicious dinners delivered by beautiful friends who have little babies and busy jobs but who stop for just a moment to think of a friend in need.

He’s in the tears of an exceptional Harvard cancer scientist and physician who called our home the day Mom passed to express his sympathy, “I wish I could have done more, given her more time.”

He’s in the embrace of the chemo nurse at Dana Farber who wanted nothing more than your beloved mother’s complete healing!

Where is God?

He’s in the strength of a devoted father who despite his own pain, carries our family safely through the storm of loss and grief.

He’s in the love of siblings and spouses who will only good things for one another and who drop everything to support our family.

He’s in the coworker who lovingly reminds me to attend physical therapy and take care of my ailing back while offering to pick up any slack at school.

He’s in the love of a husband who is better at doing and whose actions speak volumes about the depth of his love and compassion.


Where is God?

He’s in the children that He has blessed me with – who find ways to rise up and show true compassion, empathy and love despite their own sadness at the loss of their Nona.

He’s in the gal at my favorite coffee shop who always greets me with a warm smile and makes my coffee with soy milk just the way I like it.

He’s in the vivid sun and brisk autumn breeze which cause me to tighten the grip of my fleece jacket and appreciate my favorite season all over again.

As I finish my walk, I gaze up at the brilliance of the sky and think of heaven. She is there. Mom taught me to be concerned with things above, not below. Her wisdom was deep and she knew that you could not take the material things of this earth with you.

So for now, I will thank God for the beautiful people He has placed in my path to remind me of His daily presence – may they help me to cultivate the virtues (faith, hope, love) which I need most in this life in order to live a life of love and to one day meet her above.

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