In Life’s Hardships, Choose Hope

The sun shone brightly in the late April sky. It was a surprisingly hot day for spring in New England. As we walked around the garden center bright pops of yellow, purple, and pink reminded us that summer would soon arrive. This was our first trip of the season - we've been coming here for... Continue Reading →

Choose Kindness for Yourself

She was standing at the counter trying to put milk into her hot cup of coffee while holding a sweet baby firmly with her other arm. After ordering my usual iced vanilla coffee with soy milk, I noticed her and offered to help. She graciously agreed and smiled as I lifted the carafe of cold... Continue Reading →


"Ending up here saved my life, literally." These were the words of a bright, faithful woman living out her incarceration in hope. We had an intense conversation one Sunday afternoon following a deeply moving prison Mass celebrated by a Jesuit priest. Her witness was nothing short of staggering in the eyes of a world which... Continue Reading →

Side Gifts

The holiday season is a time when many of us think about buying presents. If we're not careful, it's a moment when we might get caught up in the frenzy of consumerism. Thankfully, it's also a time of "joy and hope brought to us by Christ, the most valuable gift any of us can possess."... Continue Reading →

To Live is to Change

Everywhere I looked the landscape in my wooded hideaway kept changing as each colorful leaf gently touched the ground. I had planned to walk a familiar path but my pup had other plans and I yielded to her lead like a grateful child in a candy shop. Satisfied for taking the risk, this new trail... Continue Reading →

See and be Seen

When he walked into the routine procedure room I didn't expect his first words to be, "What do you do?" In fact, this aloof question - asked without even looking at me - caught me so off guard that I failed to respond for more than a comfortable minute. When I finally did speak, all... Continue Reading →

Love with All You have Left

My sister's recent Facebook post of a cherished memory from six years ago caused my heart to stir in an unfamiliar way. I haven't thought about the summer of 2016 for quite a while until I saw a photo of my parents in front of a favorite lobster spot in the cool of a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Who is my Neighbor?

The aisle was crowded with locals and summer vacationers hoping to buy the delicious smelling baked goods emerging from the hot ovens. This famous Maine store also made tasty gluten free/vegan muffins which I was eager to try given my allergies. We were heading home from a lovely Fourth of July family celebration and I... Continue Reading →

Better, not Bitter

I recently attended a Zoom meeting with leaders from my parish women's group. I expected the gathering to be an uneventful planning session and was only half paying attention when one of the participants knocked me out of my seat with her unexpected positive attitude in the midst of a painful health situation. Like most... Continue Reading →

Show Up

There are moments in life when it feels difficult to put one foot in front of the other. At times like this, we have a decision to make - show up or give up. Through a myriad of life experiences, I have learned that showing up is the only option. It's a signal to ourselves... Continue Reading →

Words Matter

After enduring frigid temperatures back home, the warm Florida sun beckoned us out among the lush green flora and endless blue sea. A morning of beach walking and shell picking inspired us for an afternoon of exploring. Our first stop was a place promising "the most scenic hiking trails in Northeast Florida." Fresh snow at... Continue Reading →

Red Sea Moments

Spending time with a dear friend on a recent cold morning reminded me of the simple blessings in life. We sat comfortably in the local coffee shop sipping our steaming hot drinks and sharing the latest life stories. By the time we departed, I was rejuvenated enough to face another week of uncertain pain challenges... Continue Reading →

Plan B Life

Her comments caught me completely off guard. But she was so confident so sure of herself that I had to take her words seriously. A new member of my Pain Support Group, who joined our Zoom gathering for the first time, said something that has really stayed with me. "I think it's impressive that you... Continue Reading →

Make Every Moment Count

The restaurant was bustling with holiday shoppers. Folks were standing in the doorway hoping to get a table. The air was crisp, cold and magical, lights were shining from every window - Christmastime in Boston. One could actually feel the surge of energy from the crowds shopping for treasures, stopping for dinner, or lining up... Continue Reading →

He Sees You

In the midst of the chaos and shocking news of today's world, I stopped for a brief moment to immerse myself in the sights and sounds of a 'holy night.' While the experience was quite different that I had anticipated, it was beautiful nonetheless and provided a much needed respite for my heart which has... Continue Reading →

You Decide

As I pushed my overflowing cart full of stuff through the narrow aisle, something got in my way. I became annoyed at the slow moving couple in front of me. I desperately wanted to go around them but there was no where to go with all the Christmas merchandise jammed onto the shelves, so I... Continue Reading →

A Burden can become a Blessing

The glow of the afternoon sun against the green autumn meadow took my breath away. The scene was like something out of a dream - beautiful, silent and a bit mysterious. I had unexpectedly stopped at a hidden trail on my drive home from a physical therapy appointment. The sun and warm air on this... Continue Reading →

Love, Pray, Let Go

When he got out of his car I was taken aback. I did not expect to see such a young man. He was tall and handsome, reminding me of my older brother when he was a young man of the same age. "I am here to see Jennifer." he said. I poked my head out... Continue Reading →

It’s all how You Look at it

The entrance to the trail looked inviting. The sun shone bright, casting long shadows through lush pine trees onto the sandy ground below. The path ahead seemed good for walking in sturdy sneakers. All appeared perfect for a long morning hike. Before I set out, I noticed only one other car in the wooded parking... Continue Reading →

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