Reflections from our 20th Anniversary trip to Hawaii – 6 years ago.

It’s the last precious morning of our tranquil vacation in beautiful Hawaii. As I’ve done all week, I woke early to greet the sunrise. Amazingly, each day, it is always the same…the sun rises from the depths of it’s earthly slumber to shed light on all who seek to see. Some mornings have been cloudy and black, but this has not deterred the sun from making its promised appearance – it rises in spite of the darkness.

Weeks after our trip, I reflected on the similarities between the sunrise and the presence of God in our lives. Like the sunrise, God is always there – but some days we can’t see Him clearly due to the dark clouds in our midst. Being anxious won’t make the sun rise faster or any earlier nor will it bring our hearts closer to the God who loves us unconditionally. God breaks into our lives every day, according to His will and deep love for us – we must be patient and trust in His timing. 

Some Hawaii mornings were blustery and dark. Surprisingly, the sun still emerged from the darkness with an even brighter glow. What we think from the day’s first weather may not always define the outcome of the remaining twenty-four hours. When things start out rough, don’t give in. God’s beauty is behind every cloud and the tough days allow us to let go of all barriers that keep us far from God. Suffering is an essential part of the path of love. Stay strong and always count on the sun rising every day. It does and God is waiting to greet us at the dawn of each new morning. So, open your eyes and hearts to God’s illuminating goodness and feel the warmth of His love in you life.

When I arrived in Hawaii, I had no idea that the sunrise would have such a profound affect on me. Watching it emerge from its sleepy darkness to brighten the night sky assures me that God is close to all who will trust in His goodness. God rises in our lives each day – we simply have to show up to experience his beauty, warmth and brilliance.

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