Looking Ahead

One is never prepared to lose a parent. A mother is the person who loves you first and most devotedly in this life! When God called my beloved mother Joan home 20 months ago, the despair was so great that I did not think I would have the strength to look ahead  toward another day. But Joan taught me that our God is a merciful, all loving God who wills our good and ultimate happiness. As I surrendered my heart to Him, glimpses of light invaded the darkness of my soul and shone brightly enough to remind me that moments of joy eventually return.


Recently, Peter also experienced the profound loss of a parent when his beloved dad Bob went home to God six months ago. Both our parents fought heroic battles with cancer and other debilitating illnesses. Both clung to their faith as a means of walking the long, unpredictable journey home with dignity and love. And both stayed close to their spouses and children during the most challenging moments of their illness.


As Peter and I ponder the beautiful lives of both Joan and Bob, we give thanks for their unconditional love, their heroic virtue and their love of God and family. As we look ahead to our future lives without them, we feel humbled to try to walk in their footsteps. Our first collective attempt will be on the streets of Paris, France. Peter and I will be traveling to the City of Lights, to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Both Joan and Bob loved to travel and we will be taking them with us; praying for their souls at the many historic cathedrals and chapels. This journey abroad is our first trip since losing two of our parents thus we proceed softly with gratitude and awareness of our many blessings.


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Thanks for joining us on this trip – we walk on holy ground.

God bless,

Jen and Pete

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