Eat Local

We were eager to hit the road. I had no idea what to expect when we headed west for a 3-day college tour. Our little group consisted of my son who ate anything but healthy food, my recent college grad who is allergic to dairy and me. Friends know that food is something I love... Continue Reading →

Shine Bright Middle Child

The pandemic has caused many folks to refrain from the once familiar family gathering. The carefree atmosphere and simple joys of these occasions may become a thing of the past if we are not mindful of their importance in our lives. As people made in the image of God, we are created to live in... Continue Reading →

The Crossing Guard

The late afternoon sun cast brilliant shadows along the worn, dusty trail. It was a delightful spring day in my small town. I stopped for a moment to watch the children skip along the sidewalk as they happily exited their school. The kids were headed for the neighborhood coffee shop where smoothies, cookies and juices... Continue Reading →

I will be Love

When she entered the local food pantry, I could tell that she wanted to talk. I've known her for many months and have come to really enjoy our conversations. She arrived during a busy time, but I assured her that we'd have a moment to chat during her fifteen minute shopping period. After helping an... Continue Reading →

Seeing Clearly

He greeted me with a warm smile beneath an all too familiar mask. The brightness in his eyes revealed a welcome grin under layers of cotton. "May I help you?" he asked. When I pulled out the item which I had brought into the little shop, he nodded approvingly. "I'd like to reframe this's... Continue Reading →

There is always Light

She caught sight of his familiar uniform from the corner of her eye. He looked so tired, she thought, he must have worked a really long week. As she approached the counter with her lovely bottle of wine she said, "I'd like to pay for the gentleman's items behind me, please. "The store attendant gave... Continue Reading →

Stay Awake

"I am happy to pay the difference, all I really want is a useful pair of glasses." I uttered these words to the kind optician working diligently on a dreary, cold January afternoon. I had purchased my first pair of new glasses in almost five years and was excited to wear the fun new style... Continue Reading →

Backyard Gifts

"Try to accept each day as a gift without worrying about what tomorrow will bring." These words from a trusted spiritual friend seem like a fitting way to wrap up 2020. During a recent conversation, this friend encouraged me to see God in the midst of today - just as it is, without worrying about... Continue Reading →

The Giver

His gray whiskers adorn the fine lines of his handsome face. I look for him weekly, hoping that he'll shop during my two-hour stretch. I've come to anticipate his smile, genuine kindness and the sheer joy he brings to a sometimes difficult place. He's one of the givers in life. I've only known him for... Continue Reading →

Put Out Into the Deep

It's easy to avoid doing something which causes pain. I don't mean physical pain, rather emotional pain related to the loss of someone you love. For the past four years I have avoided doing something which I thought would cause me immense pain. I have wanted to do it but thoughts of her involvement in... Continue Reading →

Changing Colors

The evening chill silently crept in through the door. Although the sun still shone brightly on most days there was something magical happening all around me. Tired greens leaves would soon be replaced by stunning golds, oranges and reds. In an unsuspecting way, my favorite season had arrived in all her colorful splendor. The beauty... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Struggle

The site of the brick Pain Clinic building causes my stomach to turn. I've been a patient in this place for years and while the people inside are kind and lovely, my reasons for coming to this venue do not bring joy. I suppose folks who receive chemo, radiation, addiction treatments or any other type... Continue Reading →

Let It Out

An elderly gentleman held the door as I gingerly balanced my son's breakfast in one hand and my hot coffee in the other. We were both clad in full face masks but I could see his kind heart through this thoughtful gesture. It had been a hectic morning with the builders arriving just after dawn... Continue Reading →

Still Standing

She stood tall and bright in the early morning sun. Gazing at her from the dock, it was hard to believe that just a few hours earlier she was overturned in the tumultuous waters of a fierce summer storm. Today, she bobbed happily upon peaceful waters as if nothing had happened during the night. The... Continue Reading →

Beach Chair

The humidity and heat of the past week brought back fond memories of lazy summer days on the beaches of Cape Cod. In a recent garage clean out, I caught a glimpse of my favorite beach chair which has gone unused for far too long. The sight of this happy item returned my mind to... Continue Reading →

Poland Springs

The knock on my car window was swift. I turned my head in surprise to see a woman anxiously trying to get my attention. Like me, her hair and face mask were dripping wet due to the deluge of rain hitting the Boston area for the first time in weeks. For a brief second, I... Continue Reading →

Garden of Life

The ground was surprisingly unyielding. As we thrust our heavy shovels into the soil, it took many efforts to break through the layers of grass and dirt. Finally, after numerous attempts - success! We could see the brown earth which served as the planting ground for our first ever backyard garden. At this point, we... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Flower

Like most quarantined folks, I enjoy regular FaceTime chats with family and friends. In these moments of unity, we seem to forget about the crisis swirling around us and take comfort in each other's company. For a brief moment in time, we are transported back to the days when face to face visits were common... Continue Reading →

Order of the Day

My dear husband has been doing the grocery shopping since the coronavirus pandemic began but a recent injury during a run has left him unable to walk comfortably, much less shop. In an effort to restock our fridge with fresh vegetables and fruit, I suited up in mask and gloves and ventured out early one... Continue Reading →

Walking Without Sight

It was a cool spring day. A seemingly good day for walking. I left my home with confidence, intending to return before the forecasted evening rain. But when the drops began to fall steadily upon my hooded head, I knew it would be a difficult trek back home. The chilly, wet air created a thick... Continue Reading →

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